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All you need to better manage your money

StormPay is creating a unique ecosystem of fintech services tailored to your needs. It's all in one place, it's finance as a lifestyle.

StormPay - Finance as a lifestyle StormPay - Finance as a lifestyle

Are you ready for the next generation of financial services?

StormPay - Finance as a lifestyle

Faster. Safer. More Connected.

Faster: one app for an ecosystem of services
Safer: no need to share your data with multiple providers
More connected: fintech embedded into social apps

Send your money abroad, without hidden fees.

A multi-currency account to easily make and receive payments in multiple currencies. It's easier and cheaper than it used to be and it's always available at your fingertips, through your smartphone.

One solution for all your expenses.

A personal account with an app, a debit card and a UK IBAN. A solution to pay and get paid with total simplicity and bank-grade security.

A sneak peek into the future

Here some of the things that are in our product roadmap and that will be available for you in the near future:

Messenger payments

Transferring money internationally, and making/receiving payments as easy as texting friends and family through your favourite messaging apps.

Telecommunications services

Manage everything in one place with seamless integration between financial and telecommunication services.

The marketplace

Buy your favourite brands, order food, purchase tickets for concerts, receive personalized offers, and stay on top of the latest trends.

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