We are StormPay

We are finance as a lifestyle

Our Mission

At StormPay we have a diverse team with a common mission to remove the boundaries between finance and digital solutions.

To achieve that we are working hard every day to build a fully integrated ecosystem of products with finances embedded deep into it.

Embedded Finance: a tremendous opportunity

In the last two decades fintech substantially changed how financial services are created, presented and consumed. Now with embedded finance we are on the brink of a new major disruption that is going to change again finance as we know it.

What we believe is that embedding finance into people's lifestyles means creating the next generation of financial services. Because of it, we are now building solutions for a future where finance will be embedded into non-financial services to make them faster, safer, and better connected.

Unique services for unique clients

At StormPay, we celebrate people's unique journeys with respect and authenticity, recognising freedom of expression and choice. As we believe that everyone is unique, we think that the services and the overall experience offered to every customer should also be different, based on customers' lifestyle and financial habits.