StormPay Business Solutions

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We are not just a payment company we are your partner in business. Let’s do it together.

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Why it’s the best business account

Quick to open

Forget about the bureaucracy, it is in the past. With us, open a business account in minutes, gain access in matter of hours and manage even faster through our applications. Multi-currency GBP & EUR IBAN account all available.

Next level payments

Accept and manage your payments faster and safer than ever. We made the process so seamless and accurate you won’t even notice it.

24/7 support

Reach out to us through in-app chat, or telephone, or email and we’ll answer your questions. We always got your back because we are your partners.

Money transfers and exchange

Don’t be concerned about international money transfers and exchange rates, focus on growth. We take care of them pay and transfer money in 10+ currencies; you’ll always get the best prices and experience.

Business cards

Your employees, our employees. We help them to get the job done, grant each team member their own StormPay virtual cards in minutes. Opening a business account can help you separate business and personal expenses

Easy analytics

With our analytics dashboard, you won’t feel alienated. Manage your cash, expenses, income, and cards all in one dashboard on your mobile application or web.