Join the Financial Revolution with StormPay

Join the Financial Revolution with StormPay

Creating Integrated Financial Solutions

We’re StormPay, a dynamic team of boundary-pushing, visionaries, creatives, tech maestros and industry disruptors. And together, we’re planning to build a one-stop application that merges your finances and business style.

In a nutshell:  We’re set to blur the lines between finance and digital solutions. We are on a journey to seamlessly embed finance for everyday business operations by offering unique products such as an integrated business marketplace where you can use different tools for your business, telecommunication services and the marketplace to sell your products and services. To achieve this, we’re hard at work – every day - building a fully integrated ecosystem of products, while deeply embedding finances into it.

Embedded finance has the potential to transform every business into a fintech - or at least erases divisions - so that it’s no longer easy to distinguish between who’s a fintech, and who’s not. What’s more, embedded finance assists in attracting your ideal audience as well as increasing engagement levels and customer retention.

We Get You!

We recognize that your business is unique and should rightly be treated as such. This means that the services and overall experience you receive should ultimately be tailored to your precise business needs. So, it’s high time we ask…

Is this the PERSONAL TOUCH you’re CURRENTLY receiving?

If your business is:

  • Experiencing onboarding difficulties
  • Experiencing inefficient smart analysis and insights
  • Lacking integration with third party service providers
  • Lacking connectivity with customers
  • Lacking support and security…

We hear you and we plan on delivering:

  • Fully digital onboarding so there’s no need for you to visit a physical office to create a multi-currency account, you can onboard remotely with the same levels of security.
  • Smart dashboards to conduct analysis of your finances and in the future the market.
  • Platform approach to help scale participation and collaboration by facilitating interactions across a large number of participants.
  • A focus on integration with different business tools.
  • In app chat and 24/7 support to enhance connectivity with our team whenever you need a hand.

Your Success is our Success

StormPay will give your business that critical competitive edge. We’re releasing you from toggling between various apps to make payments and transfers, from offers that don’t accommodate your business needs and from sharing data unnecessarily with multiple providers. We understand that time is money, so let’s empower you to spend more time on what generates profit.

As a unique business with its own unique pain points, you’re at the forefront of our minds. As such, we’re devising customized solutions that deeply embed finance into non-financial services. This integration aims to create immense value in the form of speed, security and connectivity that ultimately creates next-gen financial services. Our pledge to you is faster, safer, more convenient and connected experiences at every point of your company’s digital journey. StormPay is on a mission to solve all your pain points in one fell swoop, integrating all these functionalities into a singular, reliable platform. With our customers as a priority both in our short, medium and long-term plans, we’re striving to provide you with only the best, and with you by our side on this journey, we’ll certainly be able to deliver on this endeavour.

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