Exceeding Customer Expectations with Embedded Finance

Exceeding Customer Expectations with Embedded Finance

The end of the year is fast approaching and with it, shopping extravaganzas like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas are waiting in the wings for their moment to shine. While buyers are focused on finding the best deals, businesses are fixed on creating a seamless shopping experience for new and existing customers. Enter: Embedded finance.

Financial Lifestyle App

This digital-first solution is transforming the way we shop for the better. Customers can stay within a single app to search, shop, and pay. They also remain in control of what data is shared – all of which when combined, gives consumers a much-needed sense of control. This is particularly notable given the temperamental nature of our current landscape.

Interacting with a brand or business becomes quick and painless and suddenly, a feeling of trust develops. Before you know it, you’re ordering food from a mobile app, making payments for your purchase in instalments, taking out insurance, or making investments - all through non-banking financial institutions.

Through its ability to serve all our lifestyle needs, embedded finance is a hugely attractive service that puts the customer first and so, bridges the gap for a seamless experience across the organisations that make use of it.

StormPay as an Enabler

Businesses may be gearing up for promoted sales but at the core of both special occasions and everyday shopping is the need to better customer experience efforts. Fortunately, StormPay is positioned to make this a reality while providing solutions that will attract new customers and improve operations.

A service like embedded finance is just one way that fintech services are being tailored to meet the needs of businesses and their consumers and we will ultimately ensure that you get the most out of this innovative offering. End the year off right and join forces with us today.

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