Defending Your Data

Defending Your Data

The Concern

The global coronavirus pandemic saw a supersonic shift toward digital channels. With lockdown restrictions and social distancing measures, it can safely be said that people have been increasingly propelled to make use of online and mobile banking along with other lifestyle services, and at quite the prolific rate.

But unfortunately, such dramatic growth presents opportunities for cybercrimes, with the bulk of attacks aimed at the financial sector, and more specifically, banking customers. This is because they’re granted more authority from digital banking technologies, leaving them exposed to multiple security risks such as data tampering, eavesdropping, data theft, falsifying user identities and password-related threats, to name a few.

The Solution

To address these bona fide fears, technologies are being rapidly developed and adopted the world over such as the API (application programming interface) approach, offering advanced security services to realize a more embedded security infrastructure. This ensures that entities assume greater responsibility for consumer data security. And beyond that, they’re offering financial services at the right touchpoint supported by high-profile encryptions, thereby allowing peace of mind for consumers.

Your Safety, Our Priority

As an intuitive and upstanding enterprise, StormPay is resolute in keeping the data of our consumers safe by taking proactive and well-orchestrated measures to curtail any degree of risk to their security.

The trust of our consumers defines us as a business, namely that they can feel 110% confident when providing their personal data on our platform, empowering us and our credible partners to utilize their information in an ethical manner. StormPay will strive to garner and retain that trust with payments embedded into the mix.

By creating a unique ecosystem of products to limit unnecessary data sharing with 3rd party providers, StormPay aims to alleviate all concerns our clients have concerning data and security breaches. By merging advanced technologies with our in-house team of exceptional and far-reaching skills, StormPay’s goal is to ensure the personal data of our entire client base takes precedence over everything we will strive to achieve.

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